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demo vs. final: Stan’s Previously Owned Coffins location, Monkey Island II


demo vs. final: Stan’s Previously Owned Coffins location, Monkey Island II


Leela by mustamirri

Beef Enchilada Dip




I want companionship but I hate people

if you feel this way, you’re probably an introvert!  because an introvert’s brain stays at a higher state of arousal than an extrovert, lots of socializing can cause overstimulation (which translates into feeling overwhelmed).  this is why introverts do well with just a few strong relationships and need lots of alone time to recharge after being around people.

introverts make up around 30% of the population, but that number is likely much higher on Tumblr (it’s an activity that attracts introverts).



May I just remind you that baby otters are the cutest little asdfghjkl


Please take this survey if you are nonbinary, and signal boost it afterwards. (Signal boost even if you aren’t!)

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I waited to reblog til i saw asexual. Thank youuu


If the Gallifrey cast had Tumblrs:

Romana: a political blog. She has very firm opinions about how the government should be run and she’s not afraid to show it. Also, she responds to hate mail with novel-length, well-researched replies, except when she’s tired and really pissed, in which case she’ll reply mostly by swearing.

Leela: mostly reblogs pictures of nature and animals, lions especially. Also reblogs the occasional giveaway of dangerous things.

Narvin: he lurks a lot and mostly runs off a queue. Occasionally he reblogs Romana’s political posts to argue with them.

Braxiatel: posts lots of pictures of fine art and locations he’d like to visit/has visited/will visit. He reblogs Romana’s political posts without commentary.

Andred: roleplay blog with occasional ooc posts about how great his wife is.

Darkel: she’s the one who sends Romana hate mail. Her blog only exists to be the exact opposite of Romana’s.

Valyes: he came over from Reddit and it shows. He is a loud and proud MRA, complains about feminism and Romana’s liberal policies a lot, and leaves “but what about the men?” comments on posts that do not concern him. he also cross-posts everything on his tumblr to facebook.

Wynter: mostly personal posts and pictures of puppies. He also occasionally reblogs Romana’s political posts. He’s the sort of blogger who leaves comments on everything he reblogs.

Matthias: also a political blog. Occasionally he posts personal posts under read mores, but they’re always deleted by morning.

K-9: night blogs. All day. He just comes up with the weirdest things and posts them. Leela reblogs all of them. Romana would too, but hers is a Serious Blog.